Week 6 Summary

This week I created 3 digital creates;


I read about design resources and the different perspectives of design. These points and perspectives allowed me to create my design blitz. All this time I thought I was embedding my posts until I looked at Mariam & Megan McDonagh’s posts and I had to take a few minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong. But it’s always good to learn from your mistakes, I was able to comment on some great posts and, I now have group-mates for our group project next week.

I completed 15 stars of design assignments.

I loved being able to create this sign however I wanted and incorporate whatever colors and elements that I wanted. In my post I go more into depth about the design aspects used in this post.
In this post I created an image with 4 icons to describe the plot of a very popular 80’s movie. Please comment if you can figure it out! I tested it out on my mom to make sure she could guess.
For this assignment I was also able to promote for the upcoming class council event Halloweens! Check out this post.
For this assignment I also tied in our 80’s theme. I created a poster for the movie E.T by using one element from the story. My decision making process is detailed in the post.

For all of my assignments I used the free Canva website to make my designs.

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