Week 9

Welcome back all!

This week has been a pretty laid back week to allow for us to think about the rest of this class. How will we finish our stories? How will we connect our assignments and tie up all the loose ends? This week I did my very best to make sure each of my blog posts were somehow connected to one another. If you want to find out what happens next in one blog post… you must read the other.

This week our radio shows were broadcast on ds106 radio, I listened to my show along with 2 other shows. There were a lot of great shows and great concepts. I enjoyed that nobody had the same show or even similar shows and we all created something unique. More about my radio listening experience can be found here:

Besides that, I spent the week brainstorming project idea, I liked the way my radio show was themed so I decided to piggy back off of that. Once I started thinking about that a whole bunch of ideas and brainstorms came my way. You can read more about my project ideas in my blog post.

Each day I also created daily creates that link to each other to describe a certain person… And, I got this idea from all of my project brainstorming. My daily creates tell the story of a person in a series of pictures I found online or I created myself. You can read more about it in my daily creates blog post.

I went back and re worked 2 of my old assignments. It is visibly obvious that I am growing to be more digital capable. I noticed that in not just my posts but some of my classmates as well. You can see the projects I recreated in my separate blog post.

As well as this I saw some of the brainstorming my classmates had thought up too. If you are reading this, please turn on commenting! I saw some great assignments like Mental Walkout’s brainstorming, but couldn’t comment.

That is all for this week!

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