Week 13: The Finale

This week was the first week we were solely assigned to think about our final project. As I have discussed in my project ideas 1 & 2 posts, I chose to try and tell the story of an 80’s girl throughout this class. When we started this class I had no idea how I was going to keep up with the 80’s theme. I never experienced the 80’s and didn’t really know much about it until this class. With the help of some online searches and my family members I was able to gain a lot of knowledge. I also realized I know more about the 80’s than I originally thought. 

I knew I enjoyed telling the story from the perspective of somebody who experienced the 80’s and, what better way to start than building off the radio show I was a part of. After I decided on this I started creating more digital aspects to support this idea. 

After deciding on this idea based off the persona in my radio show. I brainstormed different ideas in 3 different blog posts.

This was the first time I thought about future projects and, it is what inspired my podcast idea of 80’s ladies
This was the first post I brainstormed the idea of continuing my story I started with the radio show.
In this post I elaborated more in depth about the original idea I had to tie in the storytelling aspect of the class.

I created the following assignments to connect with each other.

This is my radio show that grew my idea of the different perspective that is created by people who lived in the 80’s. This led me to continue creating the persona I embodied in this show.
I spent a week connecting my digital creates not only to each other but to my new theme for the class, to introduce this persona.
For our video week I created a trailer to introduce the character and her interest in fashion trends from the 80’s.

So when I was thinking about how to tie all of this together I thought of the first time I ever brainstormed project ideas. Which I talked about a radio show of all women, supporting women. Which led me to ultimately decide on my final project. 

For my final project I will be creating a multi-media channel called the 80’s ladies. The persona I have cultivated through the assignments above, is most interested in fashion trends based on movies/ tv shows. I am most interested in continuing to tell this story I began about these trends so I will be focusing mostly on that rather than cultivating the actual persona. This project will include short podcasts with women who experienced the 80’s and fashion trends they saw influenced by tv shows or movies. Which will allow videos to be created to give visual representations. This channel will also have advertising poster, design aspects, and the digital aspect of a media presence. This way I am creating multiple types of media that all relate to one story.

Here is the logo I created for the show as well as the twitter is embedded! I hope to interview family members over break who experienced the 80’s and incorporate them into my podcast.

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  1. This is an excellent plan. You could even set up a subdomain for the project as a way of pulling all the elements together.

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