Week 12

This week I created 3 digital creates 

Wednesday’s digital create
Thursday’s digital create
Friday’s digital create

I completed 2 different remixes. I remixed a visual and design assignment. The visual assignment was an assignment I have never done and the design assignment was recreated from the minimalist movie poster for E.T. I added a sidekick to the minimalist poster and completed the other assignment as if there was a drill sergeant instructing me.

I completed the photo collage remix assignment like it was for boot camp.


I then added a sidekick to my E.T poster.

I created a tutorial for an audio assignment from the assignment bank. To create this I screen recorded my laptop as I made a quick version of the peaceful sounds assignment.

I made 10 stars of mashup assignments. This allowed me to sing along to an 80’s song with my Animoji which I posted on YouTube and blogged about the process. Last I created a story out of text messages between two girls from the 80’s telling a typical girl story. I also blogged about this and posted the results on YouTube. 


I also got to comment and view a lot of submissions by my classmates. My favorite thing to see was the results from their remixes. The remix options are so goofy and creative and every assignment I have seen has done so well with it!

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