Week 11

This week I created 3 digital creates. 


Along with creating more videos we were asked to think a little further about our future project ideas. So based on my last post about project ideas I was able to expand on that. And thanks to this weeks video assignments I was able to further expand the concept. 

Our task this week was to create 10 stars of video assignments from the assignment bank. This week I completed the “Discuss a Movie’s Plot”, Of Most Importance, and Create a Character Trailer assignments. 

You may have read my other posts about cultivating my 80’s girl character to keep our class theme and create an ongoing story. Or you may have listened to my radio show where I discussed the fashion trends brought on by the movie Back to the Future. So I used the Discuss a Movie’s Plot assignment to expand on that and give visuals to the points I made in our radio show. 

Next, in order to keep expanding and creating this total 80’s girl character, I created a trailer introducing her. I used clips from popular 80’s shows as well to outline some of the shows she may be reviewing. I also included some fashion trends that have been created by 80s shows. 

Lastly, since I created a majority of my assignments with out 80’s theme in mind, I created another movie that did not match the theme. This short film outlines everybody in my life who means something to me and they are of most importance

*All credit for videos and pictures used in my assignments is given to artists in my separate posts where I go into a bit more detail. 

As well as this I got to read about a lot of other project options to inspire myself and, I hope I was able to help some of my classmate’s with their visions.

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