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If you didn’t know yet, Golden Girls is my favorite 80s show. So naturally I chose to observe this show for my video essay. I previously watched/ read the articles regarding how to read a scene but I decided to re watch/ read them to make sure that I was hitting all the points I needed to.

After I did this I watched this shortened clip once over without audio and just jotted some notes down based on just what I saw, not what I heard. Once I did this I started adding my audio clips on my thoughts regarding how the movie was filmed. I took a closer look at the background, the way the camera moved, and the movements of all the items on screen, rather than focusing on the acting itself. I barely listened to the audio of this clip but still felt that just the movements revealed so much more than I had anticipated.

Just looking at the video about how an editor thinks and feels and seeing some of the comparisons of videos I was shocked. You truly do not realize the impact that movements on their own have until they are the only thing you observe.

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  1. Watching without the audio was a great idea. I’ll have to keep that in mind, and maybe suggest it next time I do this.
    One of Tony Zhou’s videos that made a real impression on me was the one about visual comedy ( I think his critique is relevant to most tv sitcoms. What makes them funny is in the writing and the acting, and to some extent the editing, but the camerawork rarely adds anything. That may be a limitation of technology and production processes though.

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