Teach Me Something I Don’t Know

This week for video week, I created 3 different videos to fulfill our 10 star requirement. To give a little background about this video; I am a visual learner and, I had a geology exam this week. Volcanoes was a tough subject for me to learn so I figure what better way to learn than a video to help me out, it just happened be 3 stars of what I needed.

To create this video I simply found images of the types of volcanoes I was going to be talking about or images to add to my audio. Next, I used my notes to elaborate the types of volcanoes and important information for viewers and I recorded this over the moving pictures of the specific types of volcanoes/ rocks.

Lastly, I simply added text to make sure the types of volcanoes I was discussing was clear and I added cross dissolves to make the picture transitions smoother. I used iMovie to create this movie and images from google.

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