Dear Mom,

Moms in general are all special but, you are extraordinary. We have been through quite the rough patches and, each time you have proven to be stronger than I thought. I can’t even imagine how hard it is raising 2 kids and 2 dogs on your own. You are incredible, intelligent, and strong-willed.

I apologize for every time when I was a teenager acting like a bratty teenager. People always tell you when you’re young that you will grow closer to your mom and you never believe it. This time I will swallow my pride and admit they were right. Mom, you are one of my best friends. I love that we share everything and I can always confide in you now. Your unconditional love is something I often take for granted. Despite any mistakes I have made or trouble I have caused you, you love me nonetheless.

I will admit my family is a mess and I empathize with every single person whose family drives them crazy. But, my mother makes up for it, despite being a little crazy too. Some people have huge extended families as their support system; motivating them through life and being great role models. Other people have non-blood relatives who they count as their family. I have my mother and, we may not be big in numbers but we are all we need. Some people have perfect families, others do not, I do not know where I fall in those categories. I do know that I am lucky to have a mother who would do anything for me and, I am grateful every day.

Mom, thank you for doing it all and being it all. I aspire to be just as strong and capable as you. You truly are superwoman, xo.

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  1. I love this blog post. I saw Superwoman and immediately clicked to view it and see what it was all about. Once I saw it was writing about mom, I already fell in love with it. My mother is everything in my life and I love how you expressed the way you feel towards her because she would love this!

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