Storytelling Through Text Messages

For the next part of our mashup assignments I chose to tell a story through text messages. Now this took a lot more planning than I would have thought. I most certainly got caught up in the process because it ended up being a 12 minute video.

First I borrowed my sisters phone and I created 2 Animoji’s that I felt embodies the 80’s style girls had. I got rid of some of my sister & my messages by sending an empty message. Once I realized where the story was going I had to borrow my mom’s phone as well. I was screen recording on my phone so I changed some of the contact names and profile pictures in my most recent messages since they were going to be seen briefly when I switched messages. I decided which storyline I wanted to create and how I planned on creating it and began.

Last, I started screen recording and sat with my mom and sister’s phones to create the story! I got very caught up and interested in my story I did not expect it to be as long as it became. 

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