I would like to introduce to you all my upcoming radio show. This show will be broadcast on the ds106 radio at the end of next week. I will be doing this show with 3 of my classmates Mariam, Sophia, and Madelyn. This week we have spent some time brainstorming and coming up with ideas.

So far, we have settled on discussing 80s trends in movies and how it affects kids today or how it affected kids then. We will be creating a story line that keeps a monologue going smoothly throughout the show and the transitions of speakers.

In preparation for this endeavor we have each created some audio bits from the audio assignment bank for the show.

I created this radio commercial to add to our show. Which is also in my blog post about creating this assignment called Money Does Grow on Trees.
I created this bumper for our show as well. Which I blog more about the process in my Radio Bumper blog.
I created this logo for promo for the radio show.
I created this mashup in hopes to find a way to use it in the show some way.

In other related activities, I completed Digital Creates on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I went through our blog feed a few times to get an idea of the other ways people were fulfilling their stars and relating it to their radio shows. My groupmate Madelyn created a really cool show intro that she posted to her blog. I listened to Abby Cassell’s radio bumper which scared me at first with the alarm sound. It was clever to start with an alarm for a ‘good morning’ bumper. I commented to inquire where she got the sounds for this bumper, not only did she use sound effects but she also used background noise. I also read this blog post which included a bumper and promo. It was unique to me that the themes relayed through the promo were reflected through the ominous bumper. I really enjoy seeing other people’s assignments and the way they put their own spin on assignments.

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