Recreated Assignments

This week we were asked to recreate 2 of our past assignments. I chose to use this as an opportunity to continue on creating my 80’s girl persona but altering my ds106 finsta; to function as her fashion blog. It also provides visuals to some of the examples she sites in the radio show. Check it out!

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As well as this, for my next assignment I thought back on all the assignments I have created. I have been fortunate enough to not have felt like they were under the expectation but, there was one assignment that I felt could be edited better. Back to our photography week, I completed an assignment to photoshop myself into a concert. Due to the angle, lighting and, other issues, the photo was quite obviously photoshopped. So I decided to take another stab at it. It isn’t the best as I am still working on my photo editing skills but is definitely an improvement which I feel like is the whole point of this assignment.

Re worked assignment
Previous Assignment

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