Radio Show Week 2

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, what you have all been waiting for… Riding the Radio Waves is complete.

I created this show with 3 other classmates. We decided to create a show that discusses trends that are created by 80’s movies. I discussed the trends created by Back to the Future from the perspective of an 80’s girl. So if you want to learn more about Back to the Future and 80s trends, tune in at minute 5.30!

Creating this show was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. When I heard we had to record 5 minute of audio I was nervous I would not be able to make enough content. Once I started discussing my thoughts and images I had seen from the movie it was creating content in under 5 minutes that became a problem.

We discussed Dirty Dancing and Back to the Future in depth. Along with some great commentary from our wonderful hosts. I enjoyed taking a closer look at the trends created by certain 80’s movies. We each recorded and edited our clips and sent them over to Sophia to mix them together. So I hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

My audio portion for the show.

I hope you all enjoy my radio show, please comment any suggestions or positive feedback!

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