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If you have been following my blog you might know about the radio shows we created in groups. This week these shows were aired on DS106 radio, so I am kind of a big deal now. I listened to 3 radio shows this week, including my own, and I have a few thoughts on the listening experience.

To start, creating a radio show is a lot harder than it looks. Every sound bit or voice modifier creates strenuous effort to find and add. Think about that next time you are listening to a live radio show.

In comparison to the other groups I heard, my group really took on the radio show aspect. We pretended to be other people and, pretended it was a different time and place. I noticed our hosts were really interactive with the ‘guests’ rather then just running through the show and creating 5 minutes of audio. I like that we were different by creating a dialogue between all members even if it was recorded separately.

I was nervous to hear my voice on air but I was relieved to hear I did not sound like a 5 year old child. I had listened to the show as a whole before but it just gave me a feeling of pride to hear it on the air, even if it is just a class radio show. However, I felt as if I was listening as an audience member already forgetting all of the effort that it really required to piece our show together.

The other shows I listened to were on Tuesday; Tubular Tunes & 80’s Power Half Hour. Tubular Tunes analyzes the changes in music since the 80’s and plays some examples of 80’s music and current music that replicates 80’s music. It is apparent that music has changed since the 80’s but, the role of the music artist has changed drastically. In today’s day, artists do not even need to be talented to produce music, some artists do not own or produce their own music and, artists are able to drown the sound of their voice under autotune and bass. Listening to some of the examples from this show reminded us of the absence of synth in today’s music.

Aside from the content of the show, the format and connection between group members was very well edited. There were some great commercials that related to the theme of the show for example, the walkman commercial. All of the clips were precise and easy to hear. At no point did I feel like any of the hosts were babbling on and just trying to fill up their time, they were truly interested.

I also listened to 80’s Power Half Hour, this show is a deeper analysis of 80’s tv shows like Golden Girls, Alf, and Miami Vice. While I enjoyed listening to this analysis and the hosts thoughts on watching the pilot episodes, my favorite part of this show was the bumpers/ commercials. I liked the cohesion of this show, each bumper and commercial sounded professional and provided the perfect bridge to the next segment of the show. There was also a robot voice that announced each segment which I was intrigued by.

I live tweeted through 2 shows on Tuesday night. I have embedded some of the tweets and, you can visit my twitter to see some of my other thoughts.

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