Project Ideas

This week I am looking forward at the upcoming assignments in this class and deciding what direction I want to complete my story. I have thought of a lot of ideas but because of the storytelling aspect of this class I want to do my best to connect all of the assignments I have created in some way.

I decided the best way to continue with this is to continue with the persona I created in the radio show that was aired this week. I enjoyed recreating an 80’s teen who experience all the trends that we are examining in this class. By adapting a different persona I can create many assignments in all types of field; video, audio, design. For example, the finsta I created at the beginning of the semester for a digital assignment could be a part of this. As well as my connected digital creates, which can all tell the story of 80’s girl Lindsey from North Carolina who examines 80’s trends as they are occurring. Not only does this concept give me a way to continue telling my story and give context to all viewers but, I am able to connect all previous and future assignments by linking them to this level of analysis.

I thought of this idea as I was thinking about expanding topics I had talked about on the radio show. I originally was just thinking to continue on with the video assignment from this analysis. Then, I looked back onto previous assignments that could easily fall into this theme. I thought about our current assignment of telling a story with daily create’s and, thought this would be a perfect time to tell this new story. Lastly, I realized I can completely re work the finsta I created to fall into this theme.

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