Project Ideas Part 2

As I look back at my previous post about project ideas, I only feel more strongly about this idea. I have used the past weeks since to cultivate this character and I have used this week to even create a trailer introducing her. 

Looking at it from a holistic perspective, I have noticed that I have digital, audio, and video components that have helped to create this character. These components come from the following assignments. And these assignments make up a large part of how we have spent the semester. 

When I started this class I treated each assignment as its own thing. Until, I started reading more about the storytelling aspect and how we are to create our own story. I did not think I would really be able to create a story through so many different outlets over the semester but I must say I am quite proud of this. 

I have appreciated all commentary as I continue to cultivate this character and would love more constructive criticism. Please continue reading this week as I have created a couple more video components to tie my story together.

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