Photography Thoughts

I take a few pictures every day. Some are completely useless and I end up deleting them. Others I post on social media or save for later.

I take pictures of my food
I take pictures of places I’ve been.
I take pictures of moments I do not want to forget.
I take pictures with all my friends.

Photography is a beautiful thing. To think it was only a few decades ago that polaroids and dark red rooms were the quickest ways to get our pictures. Now with my phone I can fit in my pocket I can not only take good quality pictures but, I can even edit them in a matter of minutes. I could change the entire color scheme of a picture if I wanted to. I try to make sure all of my pictures are clear and have the best lighting possible. I know I am no photographer but ideally I strive to take every picture like I would hang it up. After reading some class materials I think I would change the perspective I take my pictures to diversify my story. Pictures are fundamental to telling a story and to learning how to tell your own story. Children learn how to read words by understanding the interactions occurring in pictures. You can infer a million things from one picture and tell your own story from somebody else’s picture. But, once you write down a story, you can no longer manipulate that or create a different version. Pictures and visual representations are the essence of the world around us. We are able to capture any moment in time and remember it forever. Words are for describing the picture, pictures are for when words are not enough. 

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