Peaceful Sounds Tutorial

This week we were assigned with creating a tutorial for a previous assignment. I decided to look back on my experiences with assignments. I reflected on weeks that I felt were the hardest to complete in my opinion. I know that tutorials and videos from my instructor were a big help so I wanted to contribute to next semester’s students. 

I decided the most difficult week in my opinion was audio week. I had a tough time learning how to adapt to audacity and finding sound bits. So I created a tutorial for the peaceful sounds assignment. 

To remake this assignment I simply started from the beginning. To screen record on a Mac you simply press ctrl + shift + 5. I started by showing how to find and download sounds from the BCC sound library. From there I showed in detail how to edit and trim sound clips in Audacity. I then showed the final product and showed how to upload to soundcloud. From here I stopped screen recording and added audio to my screen recording in iMovie. 

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