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In order to continue creating my ’80’s girl Lindsey’ character. I completed the discuss a film’s plot assignment to expand on some of the things she discusses in the radio show. 

As well as this, I completed a trailer to introduce her and her character. The things that I felt describe her best is fashion and 80’s shows. So in order to create this trailer I first selected a trailer option in iMovie that added the background and text options. Next I added the text in the transitions. The first image I found was the image of a basic 80’s girl to embody Lindsey’s character.

Next I found a makeup tutorial of a girl showing how to dress and do makeup like an 80’s girl. I used a youtube to mp4 converter and then trimmed the clip in iMovie to make it look like Lindsey the fashion guru.

80’s girl youtube video, clip used
Image result for 80s tv shows
I then found a picture of all popular 80’s shows to use in the beginning

I then found pictures online of fashion trends created by 80’s shows.

Image result for magnum pi fashion
Magnum PI Fashion Trends

Next, I found clips from popular 80’s movies and shows. I found the theme song from Magnum PI. I used clips from a Miami Vice scene, clips from a golden girls episode, a compilation of 80’s shows clips, and the clips I used to create my Back to the Future commentary. The last clip I found was from a disney clip, I used this clip to demonstrate the radio show aspect and the ‘on air’ portion of the trailer.

I added transitions and edited the music to create the trailer and then uploaded it to vimeo the create the final product!

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