A Day in The Life…

“What took you so long? I was worried sick!” Eleanor exclaimed.

“Mother, you would not believe the day I had,” Hetta whined as she walked in dripping wet and shivering.

“What happened to you?” Eleanor ran to Hetta, “you smell like caramel” she said with a confused look.

“One of gigantors dropped something that splashed all over me,” Hetta sighed. “What is it that it’s called? That drink that is for the morning,” Hetta asked her mother.

“Coffa? I don’t remember. This is why I told you not to go out near the gigantors because this is what happens.”

“Mom, I have to live my life. All of my friends parents do not have a problem with it,” Hetta cried.

“Oh my bad!” Eleanor yelled. “I did not realize that if all of your friends flew into a burning bulb you would follow them,” Eleanor stormed out.

Hetta hated going anywhere near all the gigantors. They were big, noisy, and always swatted at her. Even when they said “aw a ladybug so cute!” Somebody was coming and trying to smush her.” Just last year Hetta had to move from her home because they decided to build a Harris Teeter where she lived. She was doing her best at trying to fit in and make more friends. But this was a city and full of danger, she had no idea about anything around her.

Eleanor did her best as to not pressure Hetta into anything but she worried about her. Especially after almost losing their home and each other, she worried about Hetta every day they were apart. She lived in a city when she was younger and the gigantors were just the same. They were noisy and they snapped her sister’s wings. Eleanor was stubborn but she knew she was nowhere near as big or as strong as them. Which is why Eleanor did her best to protect her family by moving them away from the gigantors. Every day was another struggle for Eleanor.

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