Week 11

This week I created 3 digital creates.¬† Along with creating more videos we were asked to think a little further about our future project ideas. So based on my last post about project ideas I was able to expand on that. And thanks to this weeks video assignments I was able to further expand the […]

Week 10

This week I created 2 digital creates. I also created 10 stars of video assignments which I found to be a lot of fun. I read and watched some videos about all that goes into productions and factors that can be noticed in certain videos/ scenes. Then I observed a scene myself and weighed in […]

Week 4

I created Digital Creates on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I studied 1980’s photography and read about how to use photography to tell a story. I waited to complete any visual assignments until I read these materials so I could complete assignments from a better perspective. But before I read anything I wrote about my take […]

Week 3

Happy Friday everybody! This week I completed digital create prompts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday on Twitter. I read a little more about the hyperlink and how revolutionary Bandersnatch was, it took me a little bit to really grasp the concept of the hypertext but I think I am starting to understand. I watched a video […]

Week 2

This week I completed digital create templates on twitter on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It took me a little while to find some things about the 80’s to tie into our class theme that I remembered but I think I am getting the hang of it. I found a few shows and bands I […]