Week 2

This week I completed digital create templates on twitter on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It took me a little while to find some things about the 80’s to tie into our class theme that I remembered but I think I am getting the hang of it. I found a few shows and bands I know from the 80’s that I remember.

I added some pictures and tried to learn how commenting and filtering comments on WordPress works. I added some personalized pictures to customize my blog as well.

Lastly and, what I am most excited about, were my 3 assignments from the assignment bank. I completed a web, visual, and writing assignment. I decided to add a challenge to these assignments by connecting these projects to our 80’s theme. I created a finsta about an 80’s girl, photoshopped myself into a Queen concert, and transformed a writing assignment about nature into how campus has changed since the 80’s. Sort of a short blog post but it was full of lots of work! Have a great weekend!

Another Day: Writing Assignment

I am coming at this project a bit sideways. I began to think about this assignment early in the week. I spent some time walking slowly around campus and asking myself how I would take on this assignment. However, I have since created 2 other assignments that tied into my class’s 80s theme. At first I was stumped at how I was possibly going to incorporate that theme into this writing assignment until I realized it was right in front of me.

For the most part we all get up every day and follow the same routine. We drive to the same places, we get breakfast from the same coffee shop, and we go to bed in the same bed at the end of each day. So repetitive to a point that we neglect our surroundings. Today I decided to take a look at these surroundings while keeping our 80’s theme in mind.

Today I looked at UMW History and found pictures of campus in the 80’s and came back to the same place to compare. The historic buildings look similar but the amount of trees and the color of the grass differs. You can also see changes in peoples wardrobes and changes in the environment. So every day you are outside, try and look at your surroundings with a new perspective, as if you are looking back time.

Ball Hall in 1987
Ball Hall in 2019
Campus Walk 1985
Campus Walk 2019

I went to a Queen concert… just kidding

After my first assignment I decided to keep working with the 80s theme we have for our class. So I photoshopped my friends and I into a Queen concert.

I used the Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle app on my Mac and it was an easy and user friendly app. I bet my mom will be jealous that I saw Queen and she didn’t…

Finsta: A Web Assignment

I decided to create finsta or a fake-instagram as my web assignment. However I thought I would try and add our 80s theme into the mix as well. I created a profile of a woman who is trapped in the 80s, and used a picture of my friend in her favorite wig. I think I will be able to continue with this account to keep up with our 80s theme.

This is the picture I used in my first post because I felt it gave off an 80s vibe. Then I simply researched popular shows and music from the 80s and found music and shows that I had seen or heard. Check out my finsta!

Week 1

Wow what a week! It was the first week of classes so obviously my week was very busy. When I first looked over the syllabus I was nervous about creating my own domain. But I am trying harder to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. So I registered my domain that night and took myself to the digital knowledge center and it turned out it really wasn’t that hard. I think I am really started to get the hang of setting up this blog. I am really proud of the way it looks so far I did not think I would be so excited for growing this site.

I created this logo as well with my initials that I uploaded to my blog as well.

I was able to post introductions on Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram. (see Multi-Modal Introductions Post) And the hardest part of that was learning how to record things with my laptop. I am very confident but it is only the first week so we will see.

I also posted a small paragraph regarding our blog theme. Looking at it, I am really liking the theme I picked for this blog. (see Digital Storytelling Theme post).

And that is all for now! I am really enjoying this process so far and hope this blog continues to flourish. Happy weekend :).

Digital Storytelling Theme

This semester our class’s blog theme is the 80’s. I know nothing about the 80’s, besides perms, neon, and the breakfast club. So when I hear an 80’s theme I think I need to change the color scheme of my blog. I don’t think I am able to answer the question properly with no knowledge on the 80’s but I will definitely spend my long weekend watching some of the movies and documentaries recommended.