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If you have been following my blog you might know about the radio shows we created in groups. This week these shows were aired on DS106 radio, so I am kind of a big deal now. I listened to 3 radio shows this week, including my own, and I have a few thoughts on the listening experience.

To start, creating a radio show is a lot harder than it looks. Every sound bit or voice modifier creates strenuous effort to find and add. Think about that next time you are listening to a live radio show.

In comparison to the other groups I heard, my group really took on the radio show aspect. We pretended to be other people and, pretended it was a different time and place. I noticed our hosts were really interactive with the ‘guests’ rather then just running through the show and creating 5 minutes of audio. I like that we were different by creating a dialogue between all members even if it was recorded separately.

I was nervous to hear my voice on air but I was relieved to hear I did not sound like a 5 year old child. I had listened to the show as a whole before but it just gave me a feeling of pride to hear it on the air, even if it is just a class radio show. However, I felt as if I was listening as an audience member already forgetting all of the effort that it really required to piece our show together.

The other shows I listened to were on Tuesday; Tubular Tunes & 80’s Power Half Hour. Tubular Tunes analyzes the changes in music since the 80’s and plays some examples of 80’s music and current music that replicates 80’s music. It is apparent that music has changed since the 80’s but, the role of the music artist has changed drastically. In today’s day, artists do not even need to be talented to produce music, some artists do not own or produce their own music and, artists are able to drown the sound of their voice under autotune and bass. Listening to some of the examples from this show reminded us of the absence of synth in today’s music.

Aside from the content of the show, the format and connection between group members was very well edited. There were some great commercials that related to the theme of the show for example, the walkman commercial. All of the clips were precise and easy to hear. At no point did I feel like any of the hosts were babbling on and just trying to fill up their time, they were truly interested.

I also listened to 80’s Power Half Hour, this show is a deeper analysis of 80’s tv shows like Golden Girls, Alf, and Miami Vice. While I enjoyed listening to this analysis and the hosts thoughts on watching the pilot episodes, my favorite part of this show was the bumpers/ commercials. I liked the cohesion of this show, each bumper and commercial sounded professional and provided the perfect bridge to the next segment of the show. There was also a robot voice that announced each segment which I was intrigued by.

I live tweeted through 2 shows on Tuesday night. I have embedded some of the tweets and, you can visit my twitter to see some of my other thoughts.

Week 8

This week I created my radio show with my group mates. Here is my finished radio show, and here is the planning for our show. It was a fun process and I really have enjoyed the skills it has taught me. But that was the majority of my work for the week.

This week I listened to a lot of other great radio shows. Abby Cassell’s group radio show was one of my favorites. Being that I have spent a long part of my life studying music I felt strongly toward this piece. However there were also many other great shows I was able to see.

I created a digital create on Thursday and Friday.


Radio Show Week 2

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, what you have all been waiting for… Riding the Radio Waves is complete.

I created this show with 3 other classmates. We decided to create a show that discusses trends that are created by 80’s movies. I discussed the trends created by Back to the Future from the perspective of an 80’s girl. So if you want to learn more about Back to the Future and 80s trends, tune in at minute 5.30!

Creating this show was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. When I heard we had to record 5 minute of audio I was nervous I would not be able to make enough content. Once I started discussing my thoughts and images I had seen from the movie it was creating content in under 5 minutes that became a problem.

We discussed Dirty Dancing and Back to the Future in depth. Along with some great commentary from our wonderful hosts. I enjoyed taking a closer look at the trends created by certain 80’s movies. We each recorded and edited our clips and sent them over to Sophia to mix them together. So I hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

My audio portion for the show.

I hope you all enjoy my radio show, please comment any suggestions or positive feedback!

Riding the Radio Waves


I would like to introduce to you all my upcoming radio show. This show will be broadcast on the ds106 radio at the end of next week. I will be doing this show with 3 of my classmates Mariam, Sophia, and Madelyn. This week we have spent some time brainstorming and coming up with ideas.

So far, we have settled on discussing 80s trends in movies and how it affects kids today or how it affected kids then. We will be creating a story line that keeps a monologue going smoothly throughout the show and the transitions of speakers.

In preparation for this endeavor we have each created some audio bits from the audio assignment bank for the show.

I created this radio commercial to add to our show. Which is also in my blog post about creating this assignment called Money Does Grow on Trees.
I created this bumper for our show as well. Which I blog more about the process in my Radio Bumper blog.
I created this logo for promo for the radio show.
I created this mashup in hopes to find a way to use it in the show some way.

In other related activities, I completed Digital Creates on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I went through our blog feed a few times to get an idea of the other ways people were fulfilling their stars and relating it to their radio shows. My groupmate Madelyn created a really cool show intro that she posted to her blog. I listened to Abby Cassell’s radio bumper which scared me at first with the alarm sound. It was clever to start with an alarm for a ‘good morning’ bumper. I commented to inquire where she got the sounds for this bumper, not only did she use sound effects but she also used background noise. I also read this blog post which included a bumper and promo. It was unique to me that the themes relayed through the promo were reflected through the ominous bumper. I really enjoy seeing other people’s assignments and the way they put their own spin on assignments.

Music Mashup

To complete the rest of my audio assignment stars I created a music mashup. I used GarageBand to create this assignment. I was hoping to use 80s songs but I was unable to complete the mash up with out music that I had purchased. I am hoping to find a way to somehow use some of this music to fill some background music or relate to 80s trends.

I did my best to have the tracks overlap in the most appropriate times and blend together smoothly.

Money Does Grow on Trees

As part of completing 10 stars of audio assignments I completed the radio ad assignment. This assignment will also most likely be used in my radio show that will be revealing next week.

For this assignment I used Audacity to create the mp4 file and I uploaded it on SoundCloud. I used a clip of my voice and a background noise of a jackpot at a slots machine to fit in the theme of the fake product. I got the background noise from the BBC Sound Effect Archive.

Here is the finished product.

Week 6 Summary

This week I created 3 digital creates;


I read about design resources and the different perspectives of design. These points and perspectives allowed me to create my design blitz. All this time I thought I was embedding my posts until I looked at Mariam & Megan McDonagh’s posts and I had to take a few minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong. But it’s always good to learn from your mistakes, I was able to comment on some great posts and, I now have group-mates for our group project next week.

I completed 15 stars of design assignments.

I loved being able to create this sign however I wanted and incorporate whatever colors and elements that I wanted. In my post I go more into depth about the design aspects used in this post.
In this post I created an image with 4 icons to describe the plot of a very popular 80’s movie. Please comment if you can figure it out! I tested it out on my mom to make sure she could guess.
For this assignment I was also able to promote for the upcoming class council event Halloweens! Check out this post.
For this assignment I also tied in our 80’s theme. I created a poster for the movie E.T by using one element from the story. My decision making process is detailed in the post.

For all of my assignments I used the free Canva website to make my designs.

Design Blitz

Today, after reading more in depth about the different perspectives of design, I captured a few images that I believe fit these perspectives. I have embedded these images below and I have also discussed design elements. I also posted these pictures on my instagram with the tag: design blitz.

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#designblitz Typography

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Not only does this cup have an interesting and colorful background design, but it exhibits typography. The Starbucksā„¢ logo is what one looks at when they first see this picture. This logo gives people an understanding of where the cup came from. It does not send a message but it does give some type of understanding.
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#designblitz balance & proportion

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This painting was painted by my boss, Jeffrey Smith. I was able to find many of the design concepts in this painting. This image exhibits proportion by creating images that appear smaller and farther away as you look deeper into the painting. The contrasting colors create rhythm that draw your eyes to the stream in the center of the picture. The physical structures of the mountains are very well balanced. Lastly, the painting as a whole creates the unity of a single environment or space in nature.
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#designblitz Rhythm

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These images to the left, create rhythm by creating a pattern in these tables/desks. They are balanced and symmetric as well.
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#designblitz dominance

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This image shows dominance. The sparkles and the star figure are what you automatically draw your attention to when you see the photo. The shininess even reflects light into the photo.
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#designblitz color

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This mural in our coffee shop at school most expressively shows color. Every color in the rainbow is in this mural. It is also painted to be 3-dimensional and creates unity as the designs all come into one another.