Back to the Future Commentary

This week I have taken advantage of these video assignments to create my ’80’s girl character’ that I disussed in my project ideas blog.

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a video that discusses a film’s plot. I decided to continue the discussion I started in my radio show about the fashion trends in the movie Back to the Future. In this video I was able to give visual representations of some of the examples I cited in my radio show from a couple weeks ago.

To create this assignments I found 2 video clips from the movie, one clip from the beginning and, one from the ending. I trimmed these clips to only show visual examples of some of fashion trends I discussed a few weeks ago. Then I added my voiceover to explain and point out the certain instances.

Week 10

This week I created 2 digital creates.


I also created 10 stars of video assignments which I found to be a lot of fun.

I read and watched some videos about all that goes into productions and factors that can be noticed in certain videos/ scenes. Then I observed a scene myself and weighed in my thoughts in a video essay.

As well as this, I also got to see some great projects by a few of my classmates! Have a great weekend everybody.

Closet Organizer 3000\

This by far was my favorite project of this week. I have had to spend a lot of time with family this week so they helped be with this project. I got to have an insight on the 80s and had some 80’s girls help creating this commercial so I could stick to our theme for this project.

To start, we all brainstormed ideas; where it would be filmed, what would occur during each scene, etc. Next I recorded a few short films of my grandma’s closet (she was not happy that we made a mess of it). Then I added the clips with my family members in it, despite what they said, they loved their choreography.

Lastly I put them all together in iMovie and added Madonna’s Material Girl to it to create this commercial. Let me know what you think!

Video Essay

If you didn’t know yet, Golden Girls is my favorite 80s show. So naturally I chose to observe this show for my video essay. I previously watched/ read the articles regarding how to read a scene but I decided to re watch/ read them to make sure that I was hitting all the points I needed to.

After I did this I watched this shortened clip once over without audio and just jotted some notes down based on just what I saw, not what I heard. Once I did this I started adding my audio clips on my thoughts regarding how the movie was filmed. I took a closer look at the background, the way the camera moved, and the movements of all the items on screen, rather than focusing on the acting itself. I barely listened to the audio of this clip but still felt that just the movements revealed so much more than I had anticipated.

Just looking at the video about how an editor thinks and feels and seeing some of the comparisons of videos I was shocked. You truly do not realize the impact that movements on their own have until they are the only thing you observe.

Teach Me Something I Don’t Know

This week for video week, I created 3 different videos to fulfill our 10 star requirement. To give a little background about this video; I am a visual learner and, I had a geology exam this week. Volcanoes was a tough subject for me to learn so I figure what better way to learn than a video to help me out, it just happened be 3 stars of what I needed.

To create this video I simply found images of the types of volcanoes I was going to be talking about or images to add to my audio. Next, I used my notes to elaborate the types of volcanoes and important information for viewers and I recorded this over the moving pictures of the specific types of volcanoes/ rocks.

Lastly, I simply added text to make sure the types of volcanoes I was discussing was clear and I added cross dissolves to make the picture transitions smoother. I used iMovie to create this movie and images from google.

Week 9

Welcome back all!

This week has been a pretty laid back week to allow for us to think about the rest of this class. How will we finish our stories? How will we connect our assignments and tie up all the loose ends? This week I did my very best to make sure each of my blog posts were somehow connected to one another. If you want to find out what happens next in one blog post… you must read the other.

This week our radio shows were broadcast on ds106 radio, I listened to my show along with 2 other shows. There were a lot of great shows and great concepts. I enjoyed that nobody had the same show or even similar shows and we all created something unique. More about my radio listening experience can be found here:

Besides that, I spent the week brainstorming project idea, I liked the way my radio show was themed so I decided to piggy back off of that. Once I started thinking about that a whole bunch of ideas and brainstorms came my way. You can read more about my project ideas in my blog post.

Each day I also created daily creates that link to each other to describe a certain person… And, I got this idea from all of my project brainstorming. My daily creates tell the story of a person in a series of pictures I found online or I created myself. You can read more about it in my daily creates blog post.

I went back and re worked 2 of my old assignments. It is visibly obvious that I am growing to be more digital capable. I noticed that in not just my posts but some of my classmates as well. You can see the projects I recreated in my separate blog post.

As well as this I saw some of the brainstorming my classmates had thought up too. If you are reading this, please turn on commenting! I saw some great assignments like Mental Walkout’s brainstorming, but couldn’t comment.

That is all for this week!

Recreated Assignments

This week we were asked to recreate 2 of our past assignments. I chose to use this as an opportunity to continue on creating my 80’s girl persona but altering my ds106 finsta; to function as her fashion blog. It also provides visuals to some of the examples she sites in the radio show. Check it out!

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As well as this, for my next assignment I thought back on all the assignments I have created. I have been fortunate enough to not have felt like they were under the expectation but, there was one assignment that I felt could be edited better. Back to our photography week, I completed an assignment to photoshop myself into a concert. Due to the angle, lighting and, other issues, the photo was quite obviously photoshopped. So I decided to take another stab at it. It isn’t the best as I am still working on my photo editing skills but is definitely an improvement which I feel like is the whole point of this assignment.

Re worked assignment
Previous Assignment

Connecting my Daily Creates

This week we were assigned to complete 3 daily creates and find a way to connect them into a story. And, as I mentioned in my previous post about my future assignments; I am cultivating an 80’s girl persona based on the character I was in my previous radio show.

Wednesday’s Daily Create
Here is a not so accurate portrait of Lindsey made out of old charger wires.
Thursday’s Daily Create:
Lindsey loves fashion and observing trends brought on by 80s. A peacock represents her inner self because she is stylish and her own person, nobody is exactly like her.
Friday’s Daily Create:
Lastly, I looked up popular food from the 80’s to figure out what might be in Lauren’s fridge and I came up with this.

I hope you were able to learn a little bit more about Lauren by this story my Daily Create’s have told!

Project Ideas

This week I am looking forward at the upcoming assignments in this class and deciding what direction I want to complete my story. I have thought of a lot of ideas but because of the storytelling aspect of this class I want to do my best to connect all of the assignments I have created in some way.

I decided the best way to continue with this is to continue with the persona I created in the radio show that was aired this week. I enjoyed recreating an 80’s teen who experience all the trends that we are examining in this class. By adapting a different persona I can create many assignments in all types of field; video, audio, design. For example, the finsta I created at the beginning of the semester for a digital assignment could be a part of this. As well as my connected digital creates, which can all tell the story of 80’s girl Lindsey from North Carolina who examines 80’s trends as they are occurring. Not only does this concept give me a way to continue telling my story and give context to all viewers but, I am able to connect all previous and future assignments by linking them to this level of analysis.

I thought of this idea as I was thinking about expanding topics I had talked about on the radio show. I originally was just thinking to continue on with the video assignment from this analysis. Then, I looked back onto previous assignments that could easily fall into this theme. I thought about our current assignment of telling a story with daily create’s and, thought this would be a perfect time to tell this new story. Lastly, I realized I can completely re work the finsta I created to fall into this theme.